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Memorial Products

Paw Prints Stay Forever in Our Hearts

Remember your beloved companion by purchasing a pet urn.

When you open your heart to love a special pet, their passing leaves a gaping emptiness that yearns to be filled. While nothing can replace your departed friend, you can honor their life with a variety of urns and personal pet memorials.
A pet memorial or keepsake jewelry in honor of your pet's life, can be a healthy way to express your grief and experience some measure of peace, relief, and healing.

Our caring, compassionate staff is here to support you through this difficult time. Visit us today to view examples of our memorial products.

Carry your Best friend with you wherever you go

Even after they pass on, we always carry our pets in our hearts. If you would like a tangible object to act as a token of the love you carry for your departed friend, consider pet cremation jewelry. Wearing the special necklace or bracelet will allow you to take your pet with you wherever you go.

In Loving Memory Pet Cremation sells:

  • Urn necklaces and pendants
  • Urn Bracelets
  • Clay paw prints
We also sell pet urns if you'd like to display your pet's memorial in your home. To purchase any of these products, contact us today.